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Abante Tonite
Accu Weather
Asian Correspondent
Asian Journal
Baguio Midland Courier
Bicol Standard
Bohol Chronicle
Business Mirror
Business World
Catanduaanes Tribune
CNN Philippines
Daily Guardian
Davao Today
Filipino Connection
Filipino Express Online
Filipino Reporter
GMA News
Hataw Tabloid
Journal Online
Kicker Daily News
Malaya Business Insight
Manila Bulletin
Manila Shimbun (JP)
Manila Standard Today
Manila Times
Metrocebu News
Minda News
Mindanao Examiner
Negros Chronicle
Negros Daily Bulletin
News Today
Northern Dispatch Weekly
Panay News
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Philippine News
Philippine Star
Philippine Times
Philippines News Agency
Philippines Today
Radyo La Verdad‎
RMN Iloilo
Samar News
Southern Leyte Times
Sun Star
Sunday Punch
United News
Visayan Daily Star
World News - 世界新闻 (CH)

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